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Ghost Whisperer
I still kind of like this show, and I don't think I am the only one who does, as they've managed to wrangle some pretty decent guest stars. This week  Christine Baranski was Melinda's meddling mother-in-law and

Sex and the City's David Eigenberg was a distraught dad. Not to mention the most adorable kid actor who played the 6-year-old who was a victim of a train accident. Melinda's assignment this week was to let the tiny tot know that he was dead, not just lost, and to reunite him with his family and act as a grief counselor. I know she keeps insisting that she doesn't want money for her helping, but does her always-empty antiques shop make enough to support her and Andrea and help pay for her new house? Although I guess she's saving cash by always dressing in clothes that look like she borrowed them from work.   Angel Cohn

This episode seemed much more math-dominated than last week's season premiere and that is such a good thing. It makes me feel like I'm getting an education while I'm watching a fun TV show. This episode taught me some really neat stuff about car-remote technology. I never, ever thought about that before, but there is some really smart stuff going on with that little button you can use to find your car in big parking lots and open the doors when your hands are full. Leave it to Charlie to explain how that works so that even an English major can understand it. I did love that totally geeky date between Charlie and Amita, with their enthusiastic conversation about weird fractal vegetables and their jobs. Oh, and annoying new-guy Colby actually made me laugh this week. After threatening to shoot a terrified suspect in the back he said, "I'm not going to shoot you. I just didn't feel like chasing you today." Nice to know he has a sense of humor under that stuffy-cop exterior. I might actually even like him by the end of the season. Go figure. AC