Jennifer Love Hewitt, <EM>Ghost Whisperer</EM> Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer

It's a cold, drizzly night on the Universal Studios backlot, where the town square is playing host to all the staples that make up CBS' Ghost Whisperer (Fridays at 8 pm/ET). A grieving but skeptical loved one? Check, in the person of actor Julian Sands (24). A ghost with an important message? Yep, that'd be Vivian Wu, as Sands' wife. A sense of foreboding and impending evil? The gloomy L.A. night and fog machines have seen to that. Cleavage? Present and accounted for in the form of star Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her character, Melinda Gordon, has proven that communing with the spirits is best done by a young woman with a pure heart and low-cut clothes.

Midway through the filming of the two-part second-season finale, kicking off May 4, crew members huddle around portable heaters while Hewitt, cheerfully shivering in a thin white dress, runs through a scene with Sands and Wu. During a break, she hustles into the nearby "Village Java" coffeehouse set, dons a pink down jacket and sits in front of a heater. "It's supposed to be spring in Grandview," she says of the show's fictional setting, "but apparently L.A. didn't get the message."

Still, spring in Grandview isn't the cheeriest time. Throughout the season Melinda's been receiving clues that someone close to her is in danger and may die. And in tonight's scene she's just learned that Gabriel (Ignacio Serricchio; see related Q&A), a mystery man who also possesses those pesky extrasensory powers, has been working against her.

"The spirits and ghosts have become much more powerful," says creator John Gray. "And what's going to happen at the end of the season is the ultimate fruition of that notion."

And what exactly might that be? "I don't want to give away anything," Hewitt says hesitantly. "But you will finally understand why this darkness keeps following Melinda. We'll also find out that there are people who are sent to watch over her." She pulls her jacket tighter and adds, "I find it really comforting that as much darkness as there is, there are people out there who have her back."

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