Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters is about to hit the books, and maybe the keg stand too.

The Sci Fi hit is spinning off another version of the show, this time set in college, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Ghost Hunters: College Edition will follow a group of students doing, well, basically what Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson do in the original: Tracking paranormal activity. The Scooby Gang won't be alone on the quests — an experienced ghost investigator will lend a helping hand.

"Ghost Hunters appeals to a wide demographic, and we felt the college edition would be a great asset to the franchise," executive producer Craig Piligian said.

This is the second spinoff for the spooky series — Sci Fi's second highest-rated series behind Sanctuary — which launched Ghost Hunters International in January to great success.

Do you want to see co-eds catch ghosts?