In this premiere of a new recurring video series,'s Matt Mitovich (aka me) will get answers to the burning questions coming out of each week's episode of ABC's Lost.

Here in Episode 1, I ask executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse if the time-tripping remaining castaways are at risk of running into their "younger selves." The answer? "The characters are trying to avoid [that]," says Cuse, "but they may encounter other iterations of themselves."

Cuse goes on to say that Lost hopes to avoid the obvious clichés of such storytelling, pointing out that "the big problem with time travel is that if you can create multiple futures, the future doesn't have any stakes. So we're approaching [it] a little differently ... than you've seen on other shows." [CoughHeroescough]

Other questions answered in this "Getting Lost":

• If Jack can't get "all" of the Oceanic 6 back to the island, might the island cut him some slack?

• Will some sort of wild new "frozen donkey wheel" apparatus/setpiece be involved in getting the 6 back to the island?

Watch the video for that scoop, then brace yourself for the third hour of Lost's Season 5, which features one of the series' best character introductions ever.

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