Another Thursday, another installment of's "Getting Lost" video series. And this one comes packaged with an intriguing "bundle of joy."

But first: On the heels of Walt's still-tall/non-ghost encounter with John Locke, Malcolm David Kelley shares his take on whether we've seen the last of Michael's son. Or... might Walt and his never-fully-realized "powers" resurface next year in time for what undoubtedly will be Lost's thrilling series finale?

Looking ahead to next week's episode, if you seek info on Amy, 24 alumna Reiko Aylesworth phoned us to share some tantalizing tidbits about her recurring character, who turns up next week. Pregnant. (Watch for my complete and completely intriguing Q&A with Reiko next week. Seriously, I had goosebumps by the time we got done. Gonna be a big episode. Game-changing by all accounts.)

Lastly, in the Burning Questions segment, I pass along some of your theories about why Ben was all bloodied at the end of "316." Your new mystery to chew on: What did Kate do with Aaron, and why does it have her so upset? is the place to send your theories.