Zack Snyder is working really hard to make Aquaman threatening.

The much-maligned superhero - whose power is speaking to fish, that's it - has gotten a gritty makeover in an attempt to help him fit into Snyder's re-imagined DC universe. In the first image of Jason Momoa as the notorious fish-whisperer, the Batman v. Supermandirector has taken advantage of the Game of Thrones alum's Maori tattoos and how good the actor looks in eyeliner, effectively turning Aquaman into an underwater Khal Drogo.

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Snyder's tweet also included the phrase "Unite the Seven," which likely refers to the seven members of the Justice League. According to reports, the director plans on using Dawn of Justice to introduce the entire team, likely an attempt to mimic what Marvel has done with its own cinematic universe.

Aquaman hits theaters July 27, 2018. But we might catch our first glimpse of the underwater king in Batman v. Superman when it is released March 25, 2016.

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