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Get Shorty Stars Ray Romano, Chris O'Dowd Reveal the Pros and Cons of Playing Tough Guys

Those fight scenes can pack a punch

Lily Sparks

The 1995 hit film Get Shorty (based on the novel by Elmore Leonard) is being rebooted as a series at Epix and will star the charming Chris O'Dowd as Miles Daly, a tough guy who works for a murderous crime ring in Nevada, but tries to clean up his act for his daughter... by getting into the movie business. Ray Romano co-stars as Rick, a "washed-up producer" who becomes Miles' partner.

Though the premise and pairing are very promising, it's hard to imagine the winsome O'Dowd busting any skulls, maybe because we simply haven't seen that before. As O'Dowd told TVGuide.com (and Romano) at the Television Critics Association winter previews this week, he's never had to do a violent scene before. Luckily, he has Romano to offer some words of warning about the physical toll those on-screen fights can take.

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Check out the video to see what lessons Romano has learned from beating people up on screen, as well as why O'Dowd finds it "exciting" to play a tough guy.

Seeing these two spar will definitely get us in front of the set for Get Shorty, which has tapped The Soprano's Alan Colter to direct its opening episode.