Gerard Depardieu Gerard Depardieu

Green Card star Gerard Depardieu made a shocking admission in his new autobiography It Happened Like That (Ca C'est Fait Comme Ca)Vulture reports. In it, Depardieu says he fell into child prostitution beginning at the age of 10.

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"I've known since I was very young that I please homosexuals," he said. And as men attempted to hit on him, he asked them for money. For his part, Depardieu says that at age 10, he looked like he was 15 years old, as if that's much better.

As he got older, Depardieu revealed that he got into a new form of self-employment. Instead of entertaining these older men, he'd simply beat them up and take all their money.

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Depardieu is one of France's most famous actors and has appeared in Life of PiGreen Card, andMy Father the Hero