Gerard Butler Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler was hospitalized Sunday after being held underwater by some large waves while filming a surfing scene for the movie Of Men and Mavericks, according to The Associated Press.

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The incident occurred at Mavericks, a surfing spot in Northern California notorious for its dangerous conditions and massive waves. The 42-year-old actor was not seriously injured, but he was taken by ambulance to Stanford Medical Center for examination and was released shortly after.Butler was with competitive surfers Greg Long, Zach Wormhoundt and Peter Mel when he was taken underwater by several waves. A safety patrolman on a jet ski came to Butler's rescue.

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According to Wormhoudt, Butler was shaken up.  "Everything he was doing was within reason," he said. "We took like four to five pretty big waves on the head. Basically there's nothing you can do. It was intense for myself, and I've been through a lot out there."

Of Men and Mavericks is set to be released in October 2012.