Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox News to tearfully recount how his daughter escaped from Friday's terrorist attacks across Paris.

Rivera's 21-year-old daughter Simone, who is studying abroad in Paris, was at a soccer match when the stadium came under attack by three suicide bombers. "My daughter Simone told me she heard the three explosions near halftime," Rivera said. "It was chaos."

The soccer stadium was one of six locations targeted in the attacks, which ISIS has claimed responsibility for. Seven known assailants were killed, but a suspected eighth assailant might have fled following the attacks, which killed at least 129 people.

"I'm used to being in the action myself," he added. "It's a lot easier to report these things and to experience them myself than if it is your child. She just turned 21 years old, she's a straight-A student, she's a wonderful, wonderful person and a very gentle soul and we're obviously very concerned."

Rivera spoke to Simone on-air, and he pleaded with her to stay inside and not speak to strangers until the French borders re-open and she can come home.