Hollywood's former most infamous bachelor is going to be a dad!

The Talk's Julie Chen confirmed on the talk show Wednesday that Amal Clooney is pregnant with twins. Rumors have been circulating for months that George Clooney and his wife were expecting, but Chen was the first to officially announce it and added that the babies are due in June.

Yes folks, that means we'll be getting Clooney and Beyonce twins in the same calendar year. We are blessed.

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The twins are the first children for both Amal and George. The actor told CBS This Morning's Charlie Rose last year that he's thought about having kids, but neither George nor Amal have spoken publicly about officially starting a family. Amal, an accomplished human rights attorney, just celebrated her 39th birthday earlier this week. George will be 56 when the twins arrive. They have been married for almost two years.

While this is the first time that Clooney is a father in real life, having twins might feel familiar to the veteran actor. During his stint on ER, Clooney's character Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) also had twins. Is that TV karma lining up? Perhaps.

Congrats to the happy couple!

George and Amal ClooneyGeorge and Amal Clooney