Constance Towers Constance Towers

Big Bad Mama is back! The ever-lovely Constance Towers will return to General Hospital next month as killer granny Helena Cassadine, just as the truth about baby Aiden's paternity is all set to explode.

Last year, Helena switched DNA tests making it seem that her grandson Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) is Aiden's birth daddy when the child was actually sired by Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson). Then she split town, madly loving the idea that a blood Spencer would be raised as a Cassadine.

A GH rep tells TV Guide Magazine that Helena will show up in Port Charles the week of June 27, "arriving at the Spencer family home — much to Lucky's surprise — with an agenda and Aiden in tow." Helena had intended to keep her wicked secret for years — only using it to her advantage when the timing was right — but the recent firing of Christopher made it necessary to speed up the plot. Not to worry, says the show rep: "The truth about Aiden's paternity will not deter Helena Cassadine!"

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