Gene Roddenberry Gene Roddenberry

A pilot by late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry has been picked up — nearly 40 years after it was originally conceived.

Roddenberry's son, Rod Roddenberry, will team with Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment to develop The Questor Tapes, a Gene Roddenberry sci-fi pilot from the early 1970s that was never ordered to series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, "first lady of Star Trek," dies at 76

"My father always felt that Questor

was the one that got away," Rod Roddenberry said. "He believed that the show had the potential to be bigger than Star Trek."Questor focuses on an android with incomplete memory tapes that searches for its creator and the meaning of its existence. The pilot ultimately aired as a TV movie in 1974.

The final frontier: Roddenberrys' ashes going into space

Gene Roddenberry, who was posthumously inducted in the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Wednesday, died in 1991 at age 70. Some of Roddenberry's ashes were shipped into space in 1997, and his remaining ashes will be launched into space this year, along with those of his wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry.