Long ago, when Geena Davis was doing bit parts in Tootsie and TV's Knight Rider, she dreamed she'd make it big in Hollywood. Well, 20 years and one Oscar later, Davis is content to play the mommy in Stuart Little 2 — opening tomorrow — and in real life, too.

"As far as acting goes, I don't feel enormously ambitious anymore," the 46-year-old Davis confesses. "I do feel like I've had incredible good fortune in that I've played some really unique and interesting characters... but I don't feel like I need to conquer the world anymore in that area. I think if I was gonna go nuts about passionately pursuing something, it would probably be something else."

Archery, perhaps? You'll recall that the athletic A League of Their Own star took a stab at the sport, even making it as far as the Olympic semifinals in 1999. "I haven't done archery for about a year, at least," she admits. "I just got too busy... I'm gonna get back into it. It's just too soon, I think."

Too soon, indeed. Davis is understandably busy tending to Alizeh, her two-and-a-half month old daughter with husband Reza Jarrahy. Pleased by the Stuart sequel, she confirms she's open to playing the mouse's adoptive mother in future installments. "I'm his mom," she grins. "He needs me. As long as the quality is consistent like it is, I'm happy to be part of it."