Make way for a legend in Season 3 of GLOW.

Geena Davis will bring her talented self to the Netflix series, Deadline reports. Davis is set to play Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, a former showgirl who now works as entertainment director of the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino. Though she probably won't step in the ring, her love of bold prints and over-sized jewelry suggest she's just as fierce as the spandex-clad athletes.

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GLOW offers up a fictionalized account of how the first-ever all-women wrestling promotion came to be. Set in the '80s, the series follows struggling actress Ruth (Alison Brie) who joins a group of Hollywood miscreants in a last-ditch effort to get her career off the ground.

Season 3 finds her well on her way to achieving that goal as the ladies headline a show at the Fan-Tan hotel in Las Vegas. However, her dedication to the promotion will be tested by mounting problems in her personal life. Meanwhile, Debbie (Betty Gilpin) hits her stride as a producer, but grows increasingly guilty over leaving her son behind.

As their show takes off, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will come to find that Sin City isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Season 3 of GLOW drops Friday, Aug. 9 on Netflix.

Geena Davis, <em>GLOW</em>Geena Davis, GLOW