Wonder Woman courtesy DC Comics Wonder Woman courtesy DC Comics

In a recent poll of 1.6 million geeks er, subscribers, TiVo asked which comic book character and/or classic cartoon they most wanted to see given the Transformers treatment. The results: In the comic book category - with Joss Whedon on board or not - the nerds want to see Wonder Woman take flight in her invisible jet like there's no tomorrow - she won 29 percent of the vote. Shockingly, the Green Lantern (I'm sorry, who?!) came in second with 26 percent.

In the cartoon TV show category, The Jetsons came out on top with a whopping 30 percent of respondents in favor of seeing Jessica Alba in Judy Jetson drag. (OK, I made up that last part, but you know they were all thinking it.) Family Guy came in second with 25 percent, and - sorry, Ausiello - The Smurfs trailed with 18 percent.