Gary Busey Gary Busey

Celebrity Apprentice star Gary Busey knows he's come a long way since his days of drug use, and he says the secret was learning to appreciate  himself.

"I was difficult in the past because I didn't get along with myself," Busey told TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411 in an exclusive at-home interview. "I know better now." 

Busey credits his girlfriend, 36 year-old actress Stephanie Sampson, and their 1-year-old son, Luke, for also helping him achieve a second chance. The couple is currently planning a wedding that celebrates Busey's New Age beliefs.

"We are going to do the ceremony in Sedona, Ariz.  It's a very spiritual place," Busey says. "It's got three vortexes in a two-and-a-half mile distance, which is a straight connection to the spiritual realm of the supernatural."

As for his run on Celebrity Apprentice, the charity Busey's playing for on hits close to home. The actor, who suffered a brain injury after a 1998 motorcycle accident, will donate his winnings to The Center For Head Injury Services. "Wear your helmets," Busey says. "And I know what I'm talking about."

The full  interview airs Sunday. Plus: Go inside the studio for Daisy Fuentes' her new clothing line and get a behind-the-scenes look at A&E's gripping reality show, Intervention

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