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To maximize the hilarity of clip below from this week's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, pretend for a second that you work on the customer-service phones of a steak company (any steak company will do, but if you want to be specific about it, go with Omaha Steaks). Since you work the phones, you know little about corporate decisions and/or your company's participation in a reality show that won't air for months. You're just doing your job, answering undoubtedly inane and entitled inquiries. Your line rings (or flashes or however it works — you're the expert!) and on the other end is this: "This is Gary Busey, project manager with Team Backbone. Well, we're preparing three meals and, uh, we're gonna do a Father's Day with a bone in bone...bone in. And, uh, the Chateaubriand, no that's out, isn't it? No, Chateaubriand. Yeah, Chateaubriand. So we want to know what you have to offer us, and that's also the chef costume that, uh, Meat Loaf will be wearing when we cook."

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"Mind-boggling," the word Meat Loaf used to describe Gary's behavior, only begins to start explaining it (we're lucky that the customer service rep's head didn't explode a la Scanners after receiving that inscrutable directive). It's moments like these that clearly made Gary impossible for his teammates to work with, but also impossible for viewers to look away from. Team Backbone is undoubtedly rejoicing at his elimination, while pop culture is down a key kite enthusiast. It just doesn't seem fair.

Gary Busey serves up a Meat Loaf impression

Watch Gary boggle the minds of everyone in his wake below: