Gary Busey Gary Busey

La Toya Jackson. Meat Loaf. Joan Rivers. Gene Simmons. Over the last five seasons, Celebrity Apprentice has played host to some of the most wild and unpredictable celebrities on the planet.

But only one was an "angel in an Earth suit."

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That's right! Gary Busey is back, when All-Star Celebrity Apprentice premieres on Sunday at 9/8c on NBC. And from the looks of this exclusive sneak peek, he has most definitely brought his A-game.

Want to find out what the word "fart" really stands for, according to Busey? Want to know what happens when someone is injected with love from angels? Fortunately for you, NBC has compiled Busey's best moments into one greatest hits video that would make most reality stars look — gasp! — normal. Check out the hilarious exclusive sneak peek below:

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice premieres Sunday at 9/8c on NBC.