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Game of Thrones Mega Buzz: Here's One Character You'll Never See

Liam Cunningham confirms there's almost surely no time for this character's intro

Liam Mathews

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As Game of Thrones approaches the end, the HBO drama isn't holding anything back. But there is one mystery the series will apparently never answer: where's Davos' (Liam Cunningham) wife?

Poor Marya Seaworth hasn't been mentioned since Season 3 after their son Matthos (Kerr Logan) was killed during the Battle of Blackwater. She's never been seen onscreen, and according to Cunningham, almost definitely never will be.

"I don't think it's going to happen," Cunningham tells TV Guide. "We've got six episodes left and we're ramping up to World War III in Westeros. The introduction of my fabulously beautiful wife, I'd imagine, is not going to be seen."

For someone who prides himself on his nobility, abandoning his grieving wife doesn't exactly seem to jibe with Davos' honest image. We can only hope that he'll manage to survive the final season and return home to Marya safe and sound to beg her forgiveness once this is all over. Offscreen.

​Liam Cunningham, Game of Thrones

Liam Cunningham, Game of Thrones

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO