Arya Stark's (Maisie Williams) decision to let the Frey women live may come back to haunt her in Game of Thrones' final season. New casting suggests that a familiar name is headed back to the fantasy series, and she may come with a vendetta against the young assassin.

The incredibly reliable fansite Watchers on the Wall pointed out that actress Danielle Galligan is listed as appearing in Season 8 as Sarra, with no last name given. Could this be Sarra Frey, a granddaughter of Walder Frey who briefly appeared in Season 3? It's very plausible.

After all, Arya did murder her grandfather for his part in the Red Wedding as well as all the men in attendance during a special feast in Season 7, giving Sarra cause for revenge. Then again, Walder was a known creep, and it's also possible that any surviving female relatives of his would be glad to see their cruel grandfather taken down from power. Maybe Sarra will return to pledge the Freys to Arya's cause as a means of making amends.

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Of course, it's also entirely possible that Game of Thrones simply took the name Sarra for a new character that has no relation to Sarra Frey. But either way, it seems pretty clear that there will be a few new young women joining the cast this season.

In an Instagram post accompanied by the caption, "Aaaaaand that's a wrap," Galligan is seen posing with Emer McDaid, whose online resume also lists a Game of Thrones as an on-screen credit in an unspecified role, and Alice Nokes, who hasn't been announced as joining the cast but is seemingly involved based on Galligan's post.

Game of Thrones likely won't return until 2019, so that gives us plenty of time to come up with even more crackpot theories about who these actresses may be playing.

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