Game of Thrones has been combed through as much as the most popular show in the universe should be combed through, but a series this epic is bound to have secrets or nuggets of info that can only be uncovered by insiders.

Luckily, the Game of Thrones Season 7 Blu-ray box set has plenty of tidbits for the biggest fans to uncover with its audio commentary tracks, which is just like watching the episodes with your pals, if your pals are the stars of Game of Thrones.

Here are the coolest bits of info we found from the behind-the-scenes commentary.

1. The opening scene of Season 7 wasn't originally the opening scene
The doors of Season 7 open to Arya Stark ( Maisie Williams) murdering the Freys by poisoning their celebratory wine while she wears the face of Walder Frey (David Bradley). It's a real boot-stomp of an opening scene, and one that brings viewers back in cheerful (albeit macabre) celebration. But it wasn't the original choice to begin Season 7.

In the commentary for Episode 1, director Jeremy Podeswa reveals that the first scene post-credits, featuring the White Walkers materializing out of a blizzard and walking toward the camera, was originally going to be the first scene of Season 7. But as he shot and edited the scene and was spellbound by Maisie Williams' performance, he decided it had to be the scene to welcome back viewers. Watching it felt like "being hit by a bicycle," Gwendoline Christie noted. (It should be noted that by the time the episode ends, she says it feels like she's been hit by a truck or a white van.)

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2. Jacob Anderson confirms what's going on below with Grey Worm
Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm, and Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei, were obvious choices to do commentary for their infamous sex scene in Episode 2, and they were thankfully joined by the curious Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) who asked all the right questions and made all the right comments. While Anderson and Emmanuel tried to deflect what was going on as the clothes came off with talk of accents (Anderson uses a combo of Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and West African accents for Grey Worm's dialect, by the way), Whelan said, "Nice cheeks!" as Anderson's bum was exposed.

Whelan also asked if Anderson was wearing a sock on his, errr, little grey worm during the scene, to which Anderson said yes he was. That led to Whelan saying he couldn't quite do method acting, since she thought the Unsullied had no penis at all. But Anderson confirmed one of the show's great mysteries by saying it was his understanding that Grey Worm has a penis, but no "balls." In the books, the Unsullied are cut "root and stem" with nothing left, but apparently in the show, the Unsullied were left with something. That kind of info is definitely worth the price of the Blu-ray set!

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones

3. Benioff and Weiss had a disagreement about how many times Theon should be kneed in the balls
Speaking of balls, in the finale, co-creator David Benioff was convinced that Theon (Alfie Allen) should change the tone of the fight to win back the trust of the Ironborn by being kneed in the balls three times, while co-creator D.B. Weiss was adamant about Theon being kneed four times in a 1, 2, 1-2 tempo. (We're guessing Alfie's vote was for zero.) In the end, Weiss' four count won out, but it's still something that sticks with Benioff. These are the important things that the Game of Thrones showrunners butt heads about.

4. The Game of Thrones family member who got the most props in the audio commentary was... far Michele Clapton, the costume designer. No matter who is talking in the commentary, be it a director, an actor, or a producer, they all stop to marvel at the costume work of the Emmy winner multiple times. Also getting multiple call outs? Aiden Gillen and his "creepy" performance as Littlefinger; Gillen even got a round of applause from Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Benioff and Weiss while they watched his death scene.

5. That persistent wight who attacked the group in Episode 6 had a name
You know the guy, he was the first wight to walk towards the group across the frozen lake after the Hound chucked rocks across the ice. Well, he had a name! Director Jeremy Podeswa said he was called "Chinless" on set, for obvious reasons.

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6. Like Jon Snow, Kit Harington knows nothing...
Perhaps taking a cue from the character he plays, Harington was spectacularly lost during his commentary session of the season finale. "I don't even know what's going on here," he said as the Unsullied were stationed outside of King's Landing. When the Hound (Rory McCann) was looking at the special package — the captured wight — that they got from beyond the Wall, Harington once again expressed confusion about the story, despite the fact that his character was instrumental in capturing it. He even asked if Tyrion was younger than Cersei. And after the big meeting between all the characters to show Cersei the wight, Harington said, "I forgot what happened in the rest of this episode." Kit, you rolled around naked with Emilia Clarke in gross auntie-nephew sex! C'mon, man!

7. ... except that he kind of hates Jon Snow
As Jon is taking one of his moral stands — in this case, keeping his oath to Dany while everyone is meeting re: the issue with the wights — Harington said of his character, "God, he pisses me off." He later goes on to say that he's nothing like Jon. Wisecracking Lena Headey adds that the differences are also physical, as Kit looks like a hippo in real life.

The Game of Thrones Season 7 Blu-ray set is now available. Season 8 does not have a premiere date (but it's looking like some time in 2019).