Richard Madden Richard Madden

We're still recovering from the bloodbath that was Sunday's Game of Thrones. But since we can't spend all day in the fetal position, weeping softly, we decided to do the next best thing: eat!

Game of Thrones Postmortem: Cast spills about Red Wedding shocker

There's no better way to ease your pain than by indulging in comfort food and thanks to Chef Claudia Smith, we can do so in style! Smith has created an entire line of Game of Thrones-inspired desserts for her bakery Enchanted Edibles, from Tyrion Many Berry Tarts to a Daenerys Dragon Egg Cake, but she decided to make something extra-special to commemorate Edmure's big day (and House Stark's demise).

So pour out some mead for the homies who've passed and check out this delectably bloody Red Wedding cake (don't worry, guest right applies).