In a year intent on robbing humanity of any joy it may have had by cutting down pretty much everyone you've ever cared about, it's nice to know that some things are forever. For the fifth year in a row (and its sixth on air), HBO's Game of Thrones tops the list of most pirated shows on BitTorrent.

According to, which collected its data from several sources, including statistics reported by public BitTorrent trackers, the fantasy epic that spans continents and spills more blood than the props guy on a supernatural teen drama remains unchallenged at the top after one of its best seasons to date. Although the website didn't give estimated download numbers this year — it has become more difficult to monitor such numbers — the highest number of people actively sharing an episode of Game of Thrones was 350,000 at its peak, which was right after the season finale aired.

The rest of the top 10 is a mixture of predictable repeat entries and a few confusing surprises. Some shows you expected to see, like AMC's zombie drama The Walking Dead, which remained in second place despite falling ratings in Season 7, while other programs, like the sophomore Fox series Lucifer (No. 8), you probably did not.

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Perhaps the most surprising entry on the list was actually not The Grand Tour (No. 10), Jeremy Clarkson's new program following his departure from the British version of Top Gear, but the freshman drama Westworld. The HBO series came in third, which is impressive for a new program. However, maybe it shouldn't be too surprising given how quickly the sci-fi drama became a popular topic of discussions both online and off.

The full list of shows is below. The number in parentheses is where the show ranked in 2015.

10. The Grand Tour (N/A)

9. Suits (10)

8. Lucifer (N/A)

7. Vikings (7)

6. The Big Bang Theory (3)

5. Arrow (4)

4. The Flash (5)

3. Westworld (N/A)

2. The Walking Dead (2)

1. Game of Thrones (1)