Unless you've been off the internet all week, you've probably heard that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is alive. But a new interview with the Game of Thrones actor reveals what might be the best thing about Jon Snow we've heard since the Lord Commander was fatally stabbed in the fifth season finale.

Entertainment Weekly's new cover story with Harington goes in-depth about how the show's stars and producers attempted to maintain the ruse that Jon Snow wasn't returning to the HBO series. (tl;dr: They lied a lot.) But the magazine also teases a bit about Harington's experience once he began filming Season 6, which includes at least one incredibly physical fight sequence that pits Jon against a dozen men.

Harington refuses to say his safe word ("banana") to stop the pummeling. But when the scene ends, he seems more winded than usual. The Game of Thrones star staggers away, giving a weary smile: "'Become an actor,' they said..."

Yes. That's right. Jon Snow's safe word is banana.

Now, every time you see an intense Game of Thrones scene featuring Harington, just imagine the regal Lord Commander calling out "banana" on set.