Rumors of Jon Snow's survival have been circling since Game of Thrones' Season 5 finale in June, and actor Kit Harington has just given fans another reason to add fuel to the fire.

Not only did he show up at Wimbledon still sporting his Thrones hairdo, but now he's been spotted in Belfast, Ireland, one of the HBO drama's main filming locations.

According to fan site Watchers on the Wall, Harington has also been declining fan requests for pictures, so he's either trying to (badly) keep a secret, or is suddenly camera-shy. We'd also like him to explain why he was seen strolling beside fellow Thrones co-star Ben Crompton, who plays Night's Watch brother Dolorous Edd. Maybe he just wants to visit friends on the set. Yeah, right.

Maisie Williams says Jon Snow is most definitely dead

Either the bastard survived or he'll come back from the dead — either as a White Walker or by the Red God's interference. We're sticking by those theories, and if we're wrong, then we know nothing, Jon Snow.

What do you think Game of Thrones fans? Would you like to see Jon Snow's resurrection?

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