So funny how this show debuts on the same night Amanda Woodward is on Boston Legal. Coincidence? Well, yes. But it's only fitting, since it takes place in a trendy L.A .neighborhood (Silver Lake) and features a group of friends well versed in betrayal, backstabbing and most important, bed hopping. Sounds a bit Melrose Place-ish, dontcha think? Actually, I feel like I'm watching Season 1 Melrose the whole time. You remember, that's when the show hadn't found the right formula yet, but it had oodles of potential. A few tweaks later (and by tweaks I mean Heather Locklear), it was enjoying ratings gold, baby. In this soapy drama, Denise Richards (Jolene) dons the short skirts. But here's what I don't get: Jolene goes off on Rose about how Rose once stole her boyfriend Billy? Come on! She's Denise Richards! She's the one who needs to be doing the stealing around here! Thankfully, I have a sneaking suspicion I'll get my wish soon.

A couple of the secrets: Straight hairdresser and resident man-slut Charlie unknowingly sleeps with his best friend's girl. Turns out Jolene and Rose's ex-BF Billy is dead. Or is he? I take no issue with the fact these problems tend to have that not-so-fresh feeling. My advice is not that anyone's asking ixnay on the Desperate Housewives-meets-Mean Girls voice-overs. On the plus side, I am beyond happy to see Party of Five alum Tamara Taylor get a series role. And oh lookie, there's Eric "New season, new TV gig" Balfour. The love-and-lust action is slow going at first, but near the end it picks up enough to get me to sign on for Episode 2. Call me a sucker for all things soaptastic. Or is that soaperrific?