Marcia Cross and Dana Delany by Dale Wilcox/ Marcia Cross and Dana Delany by Dale Wilcox/

What it would take for Desperate Housewives Bree and Katherine to lovingly embrace remains a mystery, but when it comes to actresses Marcia Cross and Dana Delany, all they needed for a big hug was some great comedy, delicious food and a good cause. "She's such a great friend," Delany told TV Guide at the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine event in Beverly Hills that raised funds for the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

Delany, who has been a board member for the foundation for almost ten years, didn't just get her castmates Cross and James Denton to attend the event, she also helped set up two set visits to Desperate Housewives along with scripts, lunches and makeovers, that sold for $18,000 each.

And for those of us with slimmer wallets, creator Marc Cherry offered some exclusive scoop about the finale. "We're going to find out the truth about what happened in Katherine's house 12 years ago and what the deal is with her daughter and it's going to be a shocking conclusion that all the women will be involved in it," he spilled to TV Guide. Delicious, indeed. - Carita Rizzo

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