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9 Fun Facts About ABC's Revenge and 3 Upcoming Sitcoms

Suburgatory's Jane Levy has an awesome life, Man Up! is not the Chris Moynihan show and that isn't all of Emily VanCamp's real body on the hot Revenge promo all over the country.

Natalie Abrams
Natalie Abrams

Suburgatory's Jane Levy has an awesome life, Man Up!is not the Chris Moynihan show and that isn't all of Emily VanCamp's real body on the hot Revenge promo all over the country.
That's just a sampling of the fun facts the casts and creative minds of Revenge, Suburgatory, Man Up! and Last Man Standingoffered at Saturday's Paley Center fall TV preview, which was moderated by TV Guide Magazine's Michael Schneider. A few more:
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"Talk about how awesome your life is": That's exactly what Suburgatory's Jeremy Sisto said to his co-star Jane Levy, who only had one bit part on Shamelessbefore being cast as the lead in ABC's new comedy. "It's just what I've always wanted to do and I just feel really lucky and I'm having a lot of fun and I'm working really hard," Levy said. "I get to hang out with [Sisto] all day, so it's cool."
8. "Tim who?" Nancy Travis joked of her Last Man Standing co-star Tim Allen. "I've always admired him and wanted to work with him one day," Travis said of signing on to the ABC comedy. "The script was right, there was him, Hector [Elizondo]; it just all came together in a terrific way."
7. "That was a Brothers & Sisters photo that was superimposed," Revenge star VanCamp says of the sexy promo shot of her in a black dress that ends in thorns. "I couldn't figure out that picture. The body is me because I recognized my hands because my hands do a weird thing, but then it was a superimposed head and I was like, 'My boobs aren't that big.' I was like, 'What is this?'"
6. "I've always been the best buddy," Man Up! creator and star Chris Moynihan said of not writing himself as the lead of the ABC comedy. "I know I'm not going to write the show like, 'Hey, this is the Chris Moynihan show and I'm the center of it!' I also don't want to carry a show. When you put someone in the center, there's a lot on your shoulders so I always write myself way off to the right."
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"I'm always the A-hole," Levy said of working with a plethora of comedians on Subrgatory, including Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines, Jay Mohr and Saturday Night Live alums Ana Gasteyer and Chris Parnell. "While they're trying to act towards me, I've ruined shots because my shoulders are shaking, and it's not just one take, it's like seven in a row that they make me laugh so hard, so I feel like such an amateur."
4. "She's always played the girl next door," Revenge creator Mike Kelley said, recalling Emily VanCamp's past roles on Brothers & Sisters and Everwood. She now plays the anti-heroine of ABC's modern-day take on The Count of Monte Cristo, seeking revenge on the rich sycophants who destroyed her father's life.
3. "When it works, it fits like an old slipper," Last Man Standing's Travis said of shooting a multicamera comedy, a rarity on television these days. The flexible hours offer more free time, she said, which is great for her co-star, Elizondo. "You rehearse your scenes, you go home, you have a cappuccino, you come back and we do a run through, it's the best life ever!" she taunted him.
Man Up! and Last Man Standing are perfect examples of the emasculation of men on TV
"My wife wants to start having a family, so I gotta man up," Man Up's Dan Fogler explained on why he settled down on a series. Stepping up is about the only similarity Fogler has to his character, especially since "I'm kissing a new girl every week, hello!"
1. "It's a great soap opera," Kelley said of Revenge, not shying away from the stigma of the genre in a prime-time series. "I think it's missing on the landscape right now. We're in a different time in our culture, but we love to see people eat it. It's a soap opera with a lot of heart and a lot of stakes."
Revenge premieres Wednesday, Sept 21 at 10/9c, Suburgatory debuts Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 8:30/7:30c, Last Man Standing bows Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c, followed a week later by the premiere of Man Up! on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 8:30/7:30c.