Candace Cameron Bure Candace Cameron Bure

Who'd make the better TV parent: Danny Tanner, or D.J. Tanner?

It was announced Thursday that Full House is almost certainly making a comeback with a Netflix spin-off. Coincidentally, BuzzFeed asked Candace Cameron Bure -- who will be reprising her role as D.J. Tanner — if she agreed with some of her former TV dad's decisions.

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In real life, Bure has some hands-on parenting experience: She's mom to Natasha, 16, Lev, 15, and Maksim, 13.

To respond to BuzzFeed's parenting scenarios, Bure held up signs with two of the show's trademark expressions: "No way, Jose" and "You got it, dude."

In the "No way" category: Unlike Danny Tanner, Bure would never show up on her kids' dates, make them return a pet they brought home, or ask them to lie to make someone else feel better. But like her dear old on-screen dad, she would totally bribe her kids to make them behave, spy on her teenagers, and of course, let them be BFFs with Kimmy Gibbler.

"Kimmy Gibbler is still my best friend," she told BuzzFeed. Good thing they're still close: Andrea Barber, who played Gibbler, is set to return to the reboot as well.

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