Full House is becoming much like the Brady Bunch: inescapable in reruns and enduring in popularity. With

Full House: The Complete First Season DVDs in stores Feb. 8, we asked one of the show's stars, Dave Coulier, to replay House and tell us how he made the Olsens laugh and turned Joe Pesci into a potato.

TV Guide Online: How'd you come up with all the crazy stuff you did on the show?
Dave Coulier:
The producers would say, "Dave, do something funny here." And I would improvise, like an imitation of Joe Pesci as a potato: "I'm funny to you? Funny how? I'm a potato for crying out loud."

TVGO: How was working with the Olsen twins?
Once, when they were about 3 years old, I told them that if they flapped their arms fast, they could [fly]. The rest of the day, they followed me around flapping really hard and screaming "Tweet, tweet, tweet!"

TVGO: Do you all stay in touch?
Yeah, we keep up with an e-mail or a call. We're really a weird, dysfunctional TV family.

TVGO: What about your other dysfunctional family, the cast of The Surreal Life?
I just talked to [Flavor] Flav the other day, and I spoke with Ryan [Starr] over the holidays. Charo called to ask if I'd work with her in Vegas, then she left the country!

TVGO: Do you think Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen are really in love?
No. I think while we were together in the [Surreal] house, they had something — whether it was just a fling, or some kind of real chemistry, I don't know, but they've parlayed it into this new TV series [VH1's Strange Love].

TVGO: What's up next for you?
I still do stand-up. I did about 30 college dates last year, and what's really weird is students in college now grew up watching Full House, and apparently they think I'm quite a big deal. I also have these characters called "Weaver Beaver and Friends" that I'm doing all the voices for. We currently have two CDs out and we'll be doing DVDs, books and toys this year. What can I say? I'd like to be the next SpongeBob SquarePants.