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All the Devices You Can Stream Fubo TV With

Wondering what devices are compatible with Fubo? We've got you covered.

Lara Vukelich

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The streaming service Fubo is a cord cutter's dream for a lot of reasons. First, the Starter package includes more than 100 channels for just $75/mo. Some areas offer more channels than others, so you could get upwards of 200 channels, depending on where you live. The channel count is equivalent to basic cable in most places, and you can take your Fubo service anywhere with an internet connection if you have a compatible device with you (including your smartphone). 

Fubo also has included extras like Cloud DVR and Family Share that tempt many users away from their cable box. The service lets you watch live titles and also includes an on-demand library. 

Since Fubo is not a traditional cable service, there is no need to pay equipment fees--the service is entirely online and you can probably use a device you already have to watch it. The list of supported devices ranges from Apple iPhones and Android smartphones to TV streaming devices and gaming consoles. Whether you want to watch a live game on-the-go or binge a network drama in bed, there is a Fubo-compatible device that can get the job done. 

Our guide to compatible devices compares Fubo to similar live streaming platforms and describes which operating software you need for every device. Read on to learn more.

Fubo Compatible Devices

You can stream Fubo content on a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets, smart TVs, and streaming players like Roku. A quick note about Roku since it's such a popular option: The Fubo app can be used with all Roku devices that can receive current OS updates, but you may have limited function with some models. Specifically, you won't have Autoplay or Background Video on Roku models 3600X or older. 

Signing up for Fubo just takes a few minutes. Once you're in, you can use your credentials across any compatible device. The Family Share add-on allows you to use your login on up to three devices at the same time. This means you can watch a movie in the living room while a family member watches live sports in their bedroom.

Fubo is compatible with most popular devices--meaning the previously mentioned Roku, any device with an Amazon Fire TV interface, Google Chromecast and Apple TV. Many smart TVs also allow you to download the Fubo app and log in without an additional device.. A few noticeable absences from the list of supported devices are the Nintendo Switch and Playstation--the only game console that supports Fubo is the current generation of Xbox (the Series X and Series S). Among live TV streaming services, only Hulu + Live TV supports streaming on PlayStation or Switch consoles.

Fubo Compatibility Compared

Fubo is available on lots of common devices. You often need the latest software to remain compatible, but you can stream your favorite shows and movies from almost anywhere if you have an internet connection. 

As you can see on the chart below, Fubo holds up very well against the competition when it comes to wide availability of the Fubo app.

FuboSling TVHuluPhilo
Amazon Fire TV ✓ (OS 5 or higher)
Apple TV ✓ (fourth generation)✓ (fourth generation)✓ (fourth generation)✓ (fourth generation)
Google Chromecast ✓ (second generation or newer)✓ (second generation or newer)
Roku ✓ (select models)
Android TV (Google TV) ✓ (select models)✓ (OS 5 or higher)
Android smartphones and tablets ✓ (OS 5 and higher)✓ (OS 5 and higher)✓ (OS 5 and higher)✓ (OS 5 or higher)
Apple iPhone and Apple iPad ✓ (iOS 11 and higher)✓ (iOS 11 and higher)✓ (iOS 12 and higher)✓ (iOS 13 and higher)
Xbox ✓ (Xbox X, S and One)✓ (Series X, S, and One)✓ (Series X, S, 360, and One)

✓ (Switch)
Sony Playstation

✓ (Sony Playstation 3, 4, and 5)
LG Smart TV
✓ (webOS 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5)✓ (webOS 3.5 and higher)
Samsung Smart TV (with Tizen) ✓ (2015 models and newer)✓ (2016 and newer models)✓ (2016 models and newer)

Which Device Should I Use to Stream Fubo?

When you're choosing a device to stream Fubo, there are some key considerations. You'll gain access to the same channels (including ABC, NBC, FX, and Disney) no matter how you stream. However, that doesn't mean all devices are the same across the board. Some devices cost more than others and some are better for a grab and go lifestyle.

Here are some of the most popular Fubo compatible devices for common streaming.

Fubo Option For the Best Value: Apple iOS and Android Apps

If you already have a smartphone, the Fubo mobile apps are your best bet for value. They are free to download from the Apple App Store for Apple iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android. You already have everything you need for this streaming option -- except possibly a Fubo subscription. 

For Android devices, make sure your phone has Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher to access Fubo, while the iPhone app for Fubo requires an iPhone 5s or newer running at least iOS 11. 

Fubo Option For Flexible Viewing: Google Chromecast

If you like to watch your weekend Lifetime movie binge on your Smart TV at home but you don't want to miss the big game when you're traveling mid-week for work, a Google Chromecast dongle might be the best solution. Chromecast can be plugged into the HDMI port on any TV, even one in a hotel or at a friend's house, so long as you can connect to the local internet network. 

Once the Chromecast dongle is connected to a TV, there are a few ways to start streaming. Older models require you to use a phone or tablet as your remote when you cast titles, while newer versions of Chromecast have a separate remote control that makes it easier to stream.

Fubo Option For TV Junkies: Roku 

If you love the feel of a remote in your hand and the ability to scroll to your titles, you might be a Roku fan in no time. The system comes with a remote control that has voice control, a jack for earphones, and the familiar scrolling buttons. Some models (including the Roku Ultra) even have designated buttons for services like Netflix and Hulu. You can easily add the Fubo channel to your Roku home page and log in with your login credentials. 

The Roku is ideal for people who want to have a similar experience to traditional cable without the two-year contract. There is no monthly service fee; you'll only pay for Fubo and any other paid subscriptions that you want to add to your channel guide. Roku also comes with some free titles, including everything on Roku Channel. 

Fubo Option For the TV Avoidant: Web Browsers

Maybe you want Fubo so you can ditch your cable box but you don't love the idea of adding additional tech to your home. In that case, accessing your Fubo channels via web browser is a smart way to start streaming. The latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are all compatible with your Fubo service. 

For a large-screen viewing experience, connect your laptop to a second screen via HDMI cable and stream your Fubo content there.