John Noble John Noble

Now that the (supposedly) late William Bell has named Walter the sole owner of Massive Dynamic on Fringe, it's time for our favorite mad scientist to set up shop at his brand-new lab.

"I'm interested to see where they're taking this," admits John Noble of his alter ego's propensity for creating chaos in even the most controlled environment. "It could be a dangerous toy in the hands of Walter." Especially since Dr. Bishop still fancies his hallucinogens, which leads to an awkward — and hilarious — situation tonight as a whacked-out Walter addresses his staff.

Not that the episode is all laughs and LSD. There's a major threat in the form of another shape-shifting agent called into action by Newton, as well as a development in the Fauxlivia story line that could factor into Peter's inevitable realization that he's sleeping with the enemy.

"It's amazing how stupid a smart man can get with a little affection from a beautiful woman," jokes Joshua Jackson. "But he's no dummy... I'm hoping Peter is the one who puts two and two together." And when he does, we're sure Walter has something in his medicine cabinet to help him feel all better.

Fringe airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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