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We'd say "Spoiler alert," but between the Twitter reactions from both coasts and the pre-episode rumors, you probably have a good idea who we're mourning following Friday's Fringe. Yep, in a final-moments shootout with The Observers, Pete and Liv's kid Etta took one for the team. And while we're shocked that they went and wiped out the newest member of the Bishop family, portrayer Georgina Haig sees this tragic turn of events as a part of the wild world that is Fox's Fringe.

TV Guide Magazine: They killed you!
Georgina Haig:
Those bastards! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: How did you find out that Etta was going to die?
It's so funny, everyone asks me that. Like, 'Oh yeah, [executive producer] Joel Wyman took me out for lunch and it was over a glass of red wine' or something like that. No, I knew I was coming back for a bunch of episodes, but I didn't know what was going to happen. Then Joel called me and told me the trajectory and what was going to happen. I was kind of blown away.

TV Guide Magazine: Literally. Like Peter and Olivia haven't been through enough!
Yeah, exactly. At that point, I had watched all of the seasons and knew what was going on...and I'd also gotten an idea of how the fans would kind of feel about something like this. I really felt the weight of their decision. This had to be a massive decision for the writers to come to.

TV Guide Magazine: I was starting to fear that Etta was actually a mole.
She is kind of enigmatic. And they set up some interesting moral dilemmas between her and mom. Etta's sense of right and wrong is clearly different from the others, so you might have loved her because she's a Bishop, but you might not trust her as much as you would Olivia.

TV Guide Magazine: We were just earning that trust with her. And then, you know, she's Walter's granddaughter.
He's like the best grandfather ever! [Laughs] I think if I hadn't died, we would have totally hung out. I had some really nice moments with John Noble and I think Etta just loved Walter so much.

TV Guide Magazine: Was there an instant connection with John and Anna Torv, being fellow Aussies?
Oh yeah. As soon as I got in to Vancouver for filming, John emailed me, 'Hello darling, I'll pick you up and we'll go have lunch.' And I was like, thank god! He said that I would have a million questions, that [shooting] goes really fast, and that my first instinct was probably the right one. It was awesome...he said I could ask him anything, and that is so nice to have someone say that to you. Especially when it's someone like him. He is unbelievably generous, as an actor and as a human.

TV Guide Magazine: And Anna?
Anna was lovely. She invited me to a Stitch & Bitch, which is where people knit and chat. She thought it would be good for me to meet the crew and stuff before I started. It was so nice of her to go out of her way like that for me. And Josh Jackson was the same. We got on straight away and we're really good friends. He's really lovely and easy to be around. I was just trying really hard not to go, 'Pacey! You taught me how to feel!'

TV Guide Magazine: What?!
Ok, so I was 15 when Dawson's Creek was at its peak. I was a vulnerable person! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: So, I need to bring this up: Some fans read a certain chemistry between Etta and Peter.
Oh my god! That's just because Josh Jackson is my dad, like hello?! That's crazy. There were moments on set, off camera, where folks would be making jokes about daddy...but that's because [TV and film] crews are dirty and wrong. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Is this the last we'll see of Etta?
You never know, this is Fringe. When I found out, I was like,  'Aww man, I'm dying.' Then people were like, 'But it's Fringe! You can be back!' But in some way, that's got to be the challenge for the do you carry the weight of someone dying if everyone thinks they can come back? Maybe that's why they obliterated me into a million pieces. I mean, I didn't just get shot. I was blown up.

How do you feel about Fringe's fatal twist? Do you think we might see Etta again?

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