Fringe Fringe

It's a good week for Fringe fans! After Thursday's announcement that the show's final Comic-Con panel would be held this summer in the San Diego Convention Center's mammoth Hall H, DC Comics is confirming that Beyond the Fringe, the top-selling digital-only comic inspired by Fox's sci-fi cult fave, would finally be released in a collected print edition this September.

"I'm a huge fan of Fringe," says Invader Zim executive producer writer Jhonen Vasquez, who penned several installments of the 12-chapter comic series. "So I kept my story pretty anchored to the show. I didn't have characters flying around or becoming ninjas." The entire series of books, in fact, is filled with "what if" scenarios that all fit well within the show's architecture, including Vasquez's Nina-centric tale of her early days with Walter and William Bell, and Fringe star Josh Jackson's comic-book writing debut about Peter's experiences in an alternate timeline.

While none of the stories collected in the complete Beyond the Fringe are necessarily canon to the show, Vasquez says the producers were indispensable in helping create original content fit for the most devoted Fringe followers. "With them helping me avoid some things and [plant] other things, it just gives the fans something they can recognize...if they [look] that deeply," says Vasquez. "Which I know they do!"

The collected edition of Beyond the Fringe will be available at local comic stores across the country on Sept. 5. Or you can download individual issues here.

Are you excited for this release?

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