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You Can Finally Stream Friday Night Lights Again

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't stop watching!

Megan Vick

Alright Panthers, time to get back in the huddle!

After six months of being completely off streaming services, Friday Night Lights is making its way back to a digital platform near you. Amazon nabbed the rights to the NBC cult favorite and now you can stream all five seasons on Amazon Prime.

Friday Night Lights premiered in 2006, and starred Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. It was based on book by H. G. Bissinger, which was also turned into a 2004 film of the same name. The show centers on a Texas high school football team, its coach and the small town that lives and breathes for Friday night games.

Every Time Rise Was Like Friday Night Lights

The football drama didn't blow up the ratings meters in its original run, but die-hard fans kept the show on the air by sending in footballs and lightbulbs to NBC headquarters. NBC kept it on the air for the last three seasons thanks to a producing partnership with DirecTV. The show has developed a much larger cult audience in the streaming era -- which is what makes Amazon's move so spectacular.

The series was previously streaming on Netflix and had a stint on Amazon years ago, but for over half a year it has been without a digital home. Amazon also landed the streaming rights for Parks and Recreation, House and Eureka. Parks and Rec is also available on Netflix and Hulu but Amazon is now the only place that has access to all seasons of the latter two series.