Sadie B, Sunday Sadie B, Sunday

Do you find Rebecca Black's "Friday" to be too secular? Well, here's the alternative for you!

An expressive tween who goes by the name of Sadie B skips ahead two days — to "Sunday." In Sadie B's world, everyone's waiting for the weekend because that's when they go to church. ("Fun, fun, church can be fun / You know that it is," warbles Sadie through a layer of Auto Tune that's even thicker than Black's.)

The video's description field on YouTube calls this a "parody." But since it was produced by the Community Christian Church — a nondenominational ministry — it's safe to assume that this is one of those funny-'cause-it's-true jokes.

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Get down on "Sunday" regardless of the actual day of the week:

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It also seems like a good time to point out that industrial musicians who call themselves Cynical Mass remixed "Friday" into "Friday (IN HELL)."

So whether Jesus or Satan is your thing, there's a "Friday" for you.

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