Jared Padalecki by Michael Muller/The CW Jared Padalecki by Michael Muller/The CW

I'm going to post this one quickly, and then step out of the way of the screaming Winchester-loving meemies (although surely they already know about it by now). Supernatural superhunk Jared Padalecki is in final talks to star in the Michael Bay-produced remake of Friday the 13th, says the Reporter.

Slated for a Friday, Feb. 13, 2009, release, this reboot of the horror franchise will pick up straight away with a hockey-masked Jason, skipping over the nasty mother issues as well as the burlap-hooded version. As the male lead, Padalecki would play an investigator (foolishly) looking into some Camp Crystal Lake mayhem.

What do you think? Should Jason just be left alone? The big guy really doesn't like to be bothered.... - MWM

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