Fresh Off the Boat is headed overseas in Season 3.

According to Vulture, the ABC comedy will film the season premiere on location in Taiwan and feature the wedding of Louis' (Randall Park) younger brother Gene (Ken Jeong). The three-day shoot will take place in Taipei and will feature the city's landmarks, cuisine and street markets.

The episode, slated to air Tuesday, Oct. 11, is "a callback to the pilot episode, where the Huangs arrive in Orlando, the quintessential 'fish out of water,'" showrunner Nahnatchka Khan told Vulture. "Now they're in Taiwan and, even though Jessica [Constance Wu] and Louis were born there, the boys weren't — they were born in America and have never been out of the country.

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"It's that idea of not quite fitting into either place, of being both Asian and American. That's a really cool thing we're excited to explore," she said.

Fresh Off the Boat returns Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c on ABC.