Free Ride
So, um, everybody have a good weekend? Cool, cool. Yeah, did some stuff, bought a few things, went some places, watched a really stupid show. Damn, I was gonna try not mentioning that for a while. But come on, the best I got is that

Erin Cahill  as Amber  used to be a Pink Ranger. Everyone else on the show? Nothing. The whole comedy thing is ruined by unfunny people saying unfunny lines. Of course, who am I to decide what's funny? Well, I'm the guy not laughing. The guy who could actually quit his job precisely because this show was so unfunny. Not my first job, mind you, but this thing I'm doing right now. If the series  oops, I mean season  finale wasn't right around the corner, I'd be in trouble. I'm also the guy who would say that even if he was a friend of the lead actor. And maybe I am.

Those parents of Nate's, now they should be the show. It's funny how I've missed most of the episodes, but I feel like I wouldn't know these two any better if I had the whole season on DVD. They make no sense, except when they're trying to be as nonsensical as possible. Some of their lines are just wacky and disrespectful enough to be realistic. But back to the comedy... Sunday night on Fox is trying to be frat-comedy night, only it already was, so why change it up? Whatever, I've only seen one episode. And so I researched a bit, and I'll be damned if somebody who works on that show isn't writing short, positive reviews on a site or two. Wow. Anybody in the real target audience is either too drunk to blog or too embarrassed to waste their time blogging about this show.