For years now, the prospect of a monster mash between the psychotic cut-ups from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th has had horror buffs seeing red — or at least hoping to. Unfortunately, despite the sharp eye of Ronny Yu, the director who cleverly resurrected the Child's Play series with Bride of Chucky, word from the Freddy vs. Jason set is that the franchises' merger (due in theaters June 13) is a gory but, figuratively speaking, bloodless affair.

"I hate to say it, but I was really expecting a little bit more," admits nubile victim Katharine Isabelle, a veteran of the Snoop Dogg thriller Bones and the Stepford Children rip-off Disturbing Behavior. "It's just the same-old, same-old. There's nothing to it — it's all about running around and screaming, 'No, Freddy, don't!'

"I can't say too much about it," she adds with a laugh, "because I get really angry."

Even more disappointing, the 21-year-old Canadian actress, the daughter of X-Files production designer Graeme Murray, is no more satisfied with her on-screen demise than she is with the picture's plot, which finds bogeyman Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) playing mind games with unhappy camper Jason Voorhees (Ken Kerzinger). "My death scene is kind of gross," she sighs. "I guess that's what happens in a Freddy vs. Jason movie."

As a matter of fact, Isabelle would have to guess what transpires in a slasher flick. Although she seems destined to become the Jamie Lee Curtis of the '00s — she just reprised her role as a she-wolf in an upcoming sequel to the sleeper hit Ginger Snaps and is currently completing a prequel — she's hardly a fan of creature features. "I hate them!" she declares. "I saw, like, 15 minutes of The Blob when I was 10 and was terrified, so I never saw anything like it again.

"On the set of the first Ginger Snaps, my make-up artist had to bring horror movies for me to watch," she continues. "He couldn't believe I had never seen Aliens or The Exorcist or anything." (She didn't submit to her first Nightmare — No. 3, Dream Warriors, on her peers' advice — until she began shooting Freddy vs. Jason.)

Yet the reluctant scream queen remains grateful that her lung capacity has enabled her to take on some roles that she'd actually like to shout about, in highfalutin fare such as the in-the-works indies Fallen Angels and On the Corner. "I can scream really well, and I can also play a good bitch," she muses, "and since [audiences] always like to see the snotty bitch get murdered, I keep doing horror movies. Hey, I've got to pay the bills!"