Francine York passed away Friday at age 80 in Van Nuys Presbyterian Hospital after battling cancer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The statuesque actress and beauty queen was probably best known for her role as The Bookworm's sexy sidekick, Lydia Limpet, in the 1960 television series Batman.

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The Aurora, Minn. native worked in television prolifically in the '60s and throughout her life, appearing in The Mindy Project as recently as 2015 as well as in classics such as The Odd Couple, Bewitched and Burke's Law. She also worked in film, including Elvis Presley's Tickle Me (1965), The Doll Squad (1973) and received high praise for her work as Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn: Alive and Behind Bars (1992.)

York will also be remembered for her lavish Hollywood parties, as well as her decade-long partnership with director Vincent Sherman, who she stayed with until his death in 2006.