In Laws of Attraction (opening Friday), Frances Fisher plays Julianne Moore's hot mama, Sara Miller, who's addicted to plastic surgery, younger men and rock 'n' roll. The 51-year-old actress — so memorable as Kate Winslet's gold-digging mother in Titanic — hopes her vivacious character will have a life beyond Laws.

"I want to do a spinoff of Sara Miller with [Attraction's helmer] Peter Howitt directing," Fisher says excitedly. "That's what we were all talking about when we were on the set. I feel that Sara could be sort of a new way to look at what 50 years old actually is. [It is] not our mothers' 50."

If her dream movie were made, however, she'd tweak Sara's over-the-top character traits to jive with her own personal outlook. "To tell you the truth, I wouldn't advocate plastic surgery and lip parties," she admits. "That was all a big joke. I'd probably want to tame that down a little bit.

"In Sara's case," Fisher continues, "I think she is doing it because she is such a young, free spirit inside that she doesn't want to have her outside betray her hard-living life. I think that I would caution people not to do it for the wrong reasons. It is not going to change your personality. It is not going to make people like you any more — and if they do, then they are idiots."

Fisher admires women who age gracefully on the big screen, like Diane Keaton in last year's Something's Gotta Give. Still, she's not eager to ever appear au naturel, like Keaton did. "When I think about getting it on tape or DVD and freeze-framing it, that makes me very uncomfortable," she sighs. "I don't know how Sharon Stone can live down that [Basic Instinct nude scene]. Seen one, seen 'em all, right?"