Frances Conroy on <I>How I Met Your Mother</i> Frances Conroy on How I Met Your Mother

'Tis the season for comedies to be casting on-screen parental units, 'twould seem!

On the heels of Big Bang Theory tapping Christine Baranski to mother Leonard, My Name Is Earl recruiting Danny Glover to call Crab Man "son," Scott Bakula making a leap as Chuck's pop, and 30 Rock picking Patti Lupone to coddle Frank (per EW), How I Met Your Mother has ventured forth to find the woman who gave unto the world... Barney. And it's a darn good get — Frances Conroy, who as Six Feet Under's matriarch collected a Golden Globe and four Emmy nods.

Conroy will appear on the CBS hitcom's 15th episode of the season, "The Stinsons," in which the gang discovers that Barney has a fake wife-and-kid on call should his mother ever come to town. (Apparently New York City's most eligible bachelor has told quite the white lie over the years, as mom Loretta's health ebbed and flowed.)

Sure enough, an occasion presents itself where Barney has to produce his "family," and it's Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle's Brooke D'Orsay fulfilling the wifely duties.

To date, Barney's mother has been partially glimpsed in flashbacks, but her face never shown. Oh, and his dad is supposedly Bob Barker, but... we're not buying it.

What's your take, Mother-lovers? Is Conroy who you envisioned bearing god's gift to women?