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As we jump ever-closer to the finale of the series, we're celebrating some of the best moments from all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica. We asked you to weigh in and you delivered — with imaginary sex, shocking suicides, and liplocking. (But strangely, no airlocking.)

Here are readers' favorite BSG moments:

13. Bringing Sexy Back(side)
To me the most shocking moment, and I can't believe they did that on a sci-fi show, was Baltar having sex with Six in his head. Then the camera shows the real world and he is butt naked, humping air. Shocking and funny. -buzzard601

12. Most Tortured Love
Loved when Lee and Kara got together on New Caprica and Lee expressed his love for her. It was about time. Then in classic Starbuck style, she sabotages herself by marrying Sam. I also loved when Lee accidentally told Kara that he loved her when she got back from Caprica. - stace34

11. Best Fast Forward
The time-jump forward to one year later was a brilliant choice. New Caprica yielded incredible drama and allegory, topped off by the badassiest moment of all: Galactica jumping into the atmosphere, spitting out its fighters (completely with the very-real physics of the igniting launch tubes) and jumping out as it free fell. —Johndellaporta

10. Shut Up and Let Me Finish Award
Starbuck stabbing Leoben to death and then getting back up and eating her steak! — From Twitter follower littlewaxlion

9. Best Pissing Contest
The scene where Adama confronts Cain about her plans to execute Tyrol and Helo. Tigh gives him the call and Adama is so angry he grits his teeth. From that moment, the tension just steadily escalates, until finally - prometheus59650

Cain: "You are making such a mistake."
Adama: "I'm getting... my men."
Edge of your seat stuff.

8. Bringing Humanity Back
Lee's courtroom speech at the end of Season 3 was a brilliant scene, intelligently written and beautifully acted. It was a relevant monologue about guilt, forgiveness, and what kind of community they had become — not easy to pull off. - leyla

7. Best Full-Circle Moment
The whole storyline between Kara and Lee in "Unfinished Business" was probably my favorite "moment" between those two during the entire series. It was so romantic, beautiful, raw and heartbreaking. I mean anything between those two is bound to be epic, but that episode just summed it all up. I just loved when Lee started shouting to the stars that he loves Kara. And, the "I missed you" during that fantastic boxing match was win. — QueenMad

6. Most Powerful Confession
From "Act of Contrition", one of my favorite scenes is when Starbuck goes before Commander Adama and reveals what she did for Zak that led to his death.  It was an emotionally powerful scene with excellent performances by both Katee Sackhoff and Edward James Olmos.  It was the first time I realized how great this show could and would be. - Valcan Krull

5. Most Powerful Casualty of War
Saul kills Ellen — there was no better acting on the series (and there was a lot of good acting) than when a conflicted Tigh did what he knew he had to do.  That he carried the burden all the way, until he found out that he himself was a Cylon, yielded a huge emotional payoff for us. — johndellaporta

4. It's About Time Award
Adama/Roslin reunion where they finally professed their love for each other. I think I was not alone when I said out loud: 'Finally!' - Chattypatra

3. Say-It-Ain't-So!
Dualla kills herself. That was one of those WTF moments and then I just sat there stunned. - beatles4e

2. Most Thrilling Jump
Topping the list is Galactica jumping into the atmosphere of New Caprica during Exodus. Anything about life on New Caprica and the occupation was incredible (the resistance efforts, Ellen saving Tigh by sleeping with Cavil, budding romance between Rosalin and Adama), but that scene takes the cake on all of BSG. - NikkiT927

1. Best Goosebumps Moment
The last episode of the miniseries, when Adama gives the "So say we all" speech during the funeral ceremonies.  Even though it's been a while since I saw that on the Season 1 DVD set, I still tear up a bit when I think of that rallying moment. So say we all! - ValkyrieX