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Fox's Lethal Weapon Pilot Finds Its Martin Riggs

See how this one's different from Mel Gibson's turn

Tim Surette

Because we're no dopes, we always said that in order for Fox's Lethal Weaponpilot to work it would need to find the right actors to play the lead roles of Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, the characters portrayed by Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in the film franchise. Damon Wayans (Sr.) cast as Murtaugh got the pilot off to a good start, and now comes news that the series has picked its Riggs. Annnnnnd most people will be like, "Who?" But those are people who don't watch great television.

A Lethal Weapon TV reboot is happening, whether you like it or not

Rectify's Clayne Crawford, who plays Teddy in the SundanceTV drama, will put on the crazy as Riggs, according to Deadline. This version of Riggs is a Texas cop and former Navy SEAL who transfers to the LAPD after he loses his wife and child. There, he'll be partnered up with Murtaugh (Wayans) creating a culture and age gap that leads to laughs.

Crawford isn't a household name, but the man can act. On Rectify, he showed some serious ability to juggle heavy drama and comedy, and improved with each season. This might not be a popular choice off the bat, but you'll see. YOU WILL SEE. Lethal Weapon is still in development at Fox.