A quick look at the familiar faces gracing Fox's series during February sweeps:

Feb. 1: Martin Mull, The War at Home; Kevin Sorbo, The O.C.

Feb. 3: 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub, Mad TV

Feb. 7: Eddie McClintock and Stephen Fry, Bones

Feb. 10: Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh, Mad TV

Feb. 11: Natalie Portman voices a girl who romances The Simpsons' Bart.

Feb. 12: Chad Lowe (as a savvy politico) and Powers Boothe (as VP) debut on 24.

Feb. 19: Stacy Keach resurfaces on Prison Break, as Michael and Sara realize that Pope might hold the key to bringing down the Company. Uh-oh, I hope one of the Taj Mahal popsicle sticks wasn't embedded with a microchip, because....