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Fox will not air President Barack Obama's prime-time address Wednesday, according to a statement from the network.

"The Fox Broadcasting Company will not air the Presidential Address to Congress on Wednesday, September 9 at 8:00 PM (ET). Fox's sister networks, Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network, will air the presidential address in its entirety," the statement reads.

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CBS, ABC and NBC have all committed to running the speech, — Obama's latest attempt to gain support for his much-debated health care plan.

Fox passed on Obama's last prime-time address in July, then also referring viewers to their sister networks Fox News and Fox Business to watch it. All the networks will reportedly lose around $1 million in advertising revenue due to the pre-emption.

Wednesday also marks Fox's heavily promoted fall launch of So You Think You Can Dance and musical dramedy Glee. CBS, which is running repeats, has no real conflicts. ABC is pushing its highly rated game show Wipeoout back to 9 p.m., where it will face NBC's America's Got Talent results show.

This will be Obama's fifth prime-time speech since he was sworn in. In July, more than 60 percent of voters in a poll said they preferred their regular shows to watching Obama.

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