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Fox Probably Won't Make More The X-Files Without Gillian Anderson

But they hope people change their minds

Tim Surette

While The X-Filesfans are buzzing over the return of one of television's greatest science fiction series ever, there's a cloud hanging over the franchise as star Gillian Anderson said that this season will likely be her last.

But you know how television goes. One star's departure has never stopped a network from continuing on with a show as long as there are ratings to be had and money to be made. (Right, The Vampire Diaries and others?) But will that happen with The X-Files?

Creator Chris Carter previously said that he wouldn't make more X-Files without Anderson, but the question was posed to Fox executives at the Television Critics Association winter press tour during the Fox executive panel on Thursday, and the network pretty much put its foot down on the idea of more X-Files without Anderson.

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"It seems like if those are the circumstances there won't be any more X-Files," Dana Walden, Chairman and CEO of Fox, said.

However, the network is holding out hope that Anderson may change her mind.

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"I think you could have asked Chris, David or Gillian at various times since the show originally went off the air and some days you'd get a yes, some days you'd get a no," fellow Fox Chairman and CEO Gary Newman told TV Guide when pressed on the issue. "They've done two additional seasons. I would not foreclose the possibility that in the future there could be more. Not only are there no plans [right now], but there hasn't been a single conversation about it."

Hey, maybe he's just as big of a fan as us and can't imagine a world with no more Scully and Mulder! Either way, X-Files aficionados, better enjoy this season while it lasts.

The X-Files is currently airing on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, The X-Files