Leigh and Leslie Keno Leigh and Leslie Keno

Might as well call it So You Think You Can Antique or The Antique Factor.

Fox has ordered a new reality series called Buried Treasure, starring twin antique dealers Leigh and Leslie Keno, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The brothers, best known from PBS' Antiques Roadshow, will travel the country looking for rare items, giving the owners a chance to sell. Each episode will culminate in finding out if the item was sold and for how much.

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"Right now, a lot of people in America need cash, and we're helping them find it in their own homes," series creator Joe Livecchi tells the magazine. "We're transforming lives with every treasure we find. We don't really look at this as an antiques show because every episode is a treasure hunt. Everybody has at least one item in their house that they're curious about the value of. I have no doubt a big audience is going to tune in."

Will you be tuning in?